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Swiss admy knives are designed for many people

You learn through:

Law and Order, True Justice, Ethics and Morals ,World Peace. Empowerment, Focused on education,  To attend to practice, Teaching,
Help and care for Mother Earth, Well prepared, Such measures must of course be justified by sound scientific data. What facts? Any Logic? What figures? To compare with other countries?Do you have any Skills? Have a thorough knowledge, Common sense and Rhyme or Reason.


Study hard, Dedicated, Cordiality, Be driven, Self-control, Independent, Self-propelled, Ceative. You have work experience, your journey of life, To be street-Wise, Attached to people, Curious, Adventurous, Draw lessons from life lessons, Life wisdom, Internal and external security, Self-esteem, Behave correctly, Law abiding citizen, Personal treatment , High opinion of yourself,  Necessary support around you!

Be strong:

Agreeable and forgiving soul, Genuine soul, Authentic, Inner peace,
Trust and follow your answers, conscious, God centered, Enlightened, Internal balance, Well-motivated, Happy satisfaction and very pleased. Believe in yourself, enthusiasm and passion. To work well under pressure. Enthusiastic about the future. Faith, hope and love!

 Achieved dreams of life!

Tennis affirmation:

Grand slam in!

I am a Grand slam in.

Grand Slam

Grand Slam i tennis rymmer flera olika begrepp. En äkta Grand Slam innebär att samma spelare vinner alla de fyra stora internationella tennismästerskapen under samma kalenderår/säsong. Turneringarna är Australiska öppna i Melbourne i januariFranska öppna i Paris maj/juniWimbledonmästerskapen i juni/juli och US Open i New York i augusti/september. Dessa turneringar kallas Grand Slam-turneringar.                                          Länk:                      

 Love and Light


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